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צריך עזרה?

 אנא בדוק אם התשובות לשאלות נפוצות אלו ענו לך על שאלותיך.

  • How will I receive my order?
    After the purchase, a link to download the product will be sent directly to your email. If you purchased one of the courses on the website:
  • I can't download\find my file
    Please check the "Downloads" folder on your computer, if you have set up your own downloads folder please check there. Make sure to allow full download of the file, otherwise you may get a damaged file. If you think the download is not finishing or you see a wheel spinning abnormally Your antivirus software may be preventing the file from downloading, temporarily disable your antivirus and then try downloading again. (note that files like courses will take longer and of course everything also depends on your internet speed) Often simply trying a different browser may solve the problem, Chrome is a good option.
  • How to extract a ZIP file?
    To make it easier to download our products and for everything to arrive in one neat folder, we packed them in a ZIP file. You can use the built-in file extractor on your computer, or use a variety of extraction software available to you. If you do not have a built-in file extractor on your computer, we recommend installing from this link. To extract the file all you have to do is right click on the file and select "Extract All
  • I lost the files / ounce and I can't find them
    If you chose a file to download directly to your computer, you can receive the file again without a problem to the same computer from which you downloaded it at the time of purchase. If you chose the Unki option and it was lost to you, there is no warranty at all and a new course will be fully owned! Please make sure to keep it well so that it is not lost.
  • I need a refund
    As specified in our terms and conditions, due to the digital nature of the products and in accordance with the standards In the industry we do not offer refunds or exchanges. Please take the time to read all product information including the terms and conditions.
  • Are there any restrictions on your products?
    Yes. The website of Tefaret Sheesh is protected by copyright in Israel and owns all intellectual property rights to its products and content. Tafarat Sheesh grants a license to one person only, non-exclusive, non-transferable at the time of purchase. Violation of the following terms is a violation of copyright and terms of use: You may not modify, copy, share, transfer, gift, sublicense, redistribute or sell in any form or to any person including family, friends, other photographers products of Tifaret Shaish. You may not post a link to Tiferat Shaish products, portions of products or derivative works to any website, shared drives, forums, online computer environment, torrent sites or any sharing location that others may download or inspect for any purpose. This action is a criminal offense and will be prosecuted. We monitor these sites on a regular basis. You may not modify products or use components of our products to incorporate them into your actions, courses, presets or textures/overlays or any other product on the site that you intend to share or sell. The license is limited to the user for your personal use in relation to your photography clients or similar business use. Photos/artwork edited for customers using Tifarat Mish products must be displayed in a non-editable file format. Do not install Tefarat Shaish products or any modified/derivative work on computers that are not directly owned by the purchaser of the product. No refunds, exchanges or returns. All sales are final. See our full terms and conditions
  • Can I share my purchases?
    No. Each purchase is authorized for one user only. Sharing directly violates the agreed Terms and Conditions and is strictly prohibited. We have zero tolerance for sharing and piracy. Tafarat Mashish will take any legal action necessary to protect its intellectual property in the event of such infringement And ask you to carefully manage your use of the Products, and any other material or service you download to ensure compliance with these terms.
  • What are your terms and conditions?
    Please see our Terms and Conditions page.
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